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Shipping Intermodal containers?

If you have the container number we will take it!

Certain forwarders/steamship lines are able to pre-note us on intermodal containers before they even hit the water overseas!

Whenever you know the container number please send it on over!

We are able trace all pre-noted containers from the port to the Chicago or Detroit rail yards.

Once grounded at the rail, if we have not received the pickup number and/or work order we will promptly request the information needed.

We do our best to plan 2-3 days in advance in order to obtain the customers optimal delivery appointment.

Pre-noting not only helps us plan deliveries but gives us many more options to plan for street turning empty equipment for export shipments.

And of course street turning the equipment reduces miles driven, pollution, truck traffic and your rate.

Thank you for considering us for your intermodal container needs!

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